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Furnished, Semi-furnished or Unfurnished Flats: How To Select The Best Flat Type For Yourself?

Buying a house can be quite stressful, particularly when it comes with a host of decisions to be made. Location, size, pricing, facilities and amenities are all among the important decisions to be made. Loan shopping is another major factor. In recent days, however, there are other considerations that you may have to take into account regarding the interiors of your new home. One such important decision comes down to the furnishings of the apartment or flat you intend to buy. The three major options you have are fully furnished, semi-furnished or unfurnished apartment. Let us take a look at the advantages that each of these offers before you opt for one.

Advantages of an unfurnished apartment

An unfurnished flat or property is one which does not come equipped with furnishings and furniture such as sofa sets, dining tables, beds and couches. This gives you complete freedom to decorate the home in any style you wish to. If you own period pieces of furniture or wish to customise your home to suit your own style an unfurnished 2 BHK flat on Ghodbunder Road may be your best bet. One of the greatest advantages of buying into an unfurnished property is that it allows for artificial partitions and wooden panels apart from adding light shades and even bathroom décor that suits your fancy. The one disadvantage of buying an unfurnished flat is that it entails an additional expenditure towards furnishing the property and making it liveable.

Advantages of a semi-furnished apartment

Many homeowners prefer to buy semi-furnished apartments but the term “semi-furnished” itself may be ambiguous. This means different things to different real estate developers. In most cases, however, you may expect to find standard fixtures and furnishings such as kitchen and bathrooms cupboards, appliances like air conditioners and water heaters, lights and lampshades etc. Most of the woodwork or furniture will need to be procured after the house is purchased. This is a wise investment for a person who does not want to furnish the house completely right away but wants a liveable place which can be done up eventually. It is also a good choice for those who invest in real estate with the intention of renting or leasing it out.

Advantages of a fully furnished apartment

Buying a fully furnished apartment or a flat takes the hassle out of moving in. These properties come fully equipped with all the necessary furniture and furnishings and you will only need to move in with your personal effects. If you have been looking to invest in 2 BHK flats in Mumbai or Thane, however, it is best to remember that these are more expensive on account of all the furnishings. Some are even fitted with modular kitchens, electric chimneys, and all household appliances. While most are tastefully done up there is very little room for personalisation or customisation based on your specific needs.

To understand out of these three which is the best fit for you, it is essential that you look at your needs and that of your family’s. It is also best to work out the budget for doing up the interiors and if it matches the price of a fully done up flat. While buying a completely unfurnished flat and getting it completely done up may be a dream for many, others may find the exercise taxing in terms of time and energy and may need ready houses for the family to move into. It is indeed a matter that needs careful consideration before you decide to invest.

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